Ransomware – Rio Grande do Sul

O grupo de Ransomware Everest anunciou em sua página a venda de dados e acessos das redes associadas ao domínio rs.gov.br. Seriam mais de 3 TB de informação, o que incluiriam dados pessoais.

For sale access to the gov.br network. https://www.rs.gov.br/ network including.
Access to 3 networks, all linked to a gov.br domain .The package is not sold separately as all accesses are interconnected.
There is more than 3 TB of data associated with the sector on the main access. A huge amount of CPF, RG, Passport,tax documents and other personal data. The sale includes multiple employee working accesses. Access to databases and so on
VPN login details + Credentials + some extra rdp connections to
All information is exclusive and can be of great value especially before the upcoming elections.
It also includes a company access that serves more than 5.5 million people.

Ainda, segundo o grupo, dados adicionais como logins em VPN e credenciais (incluindo RDP) estão disponíveis.